15/11 – 15/11/2019
Beginning: Friday 15/11 16:46

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The Great Heist; or The Nine-Fingered Violist
The story is straight out of a country music ballad: Two bandits learn of a fortune in gold bullion stashed away in a secure vault. The vault is inside a bank, the last in a whole row of banks, each more secure than the one before it. The bank's manager personally changes the codes at the end of every week. There is no way in.
Now get this, the bank manager was once a prodigal violinist with the surest stroke and most perfect pitch, a star performer in the big city. He took the evening dress of the orchestra into his day job as treasurer on Easy Street, and brought along the arrogance of being first of the first among the philharmonics. The bank manager's peerless condescension became his downfall on the day he refused to grant so much as a shake of the head to an armed robber seeking entry to the vault and who promptly cut off his left pinky. His mien impassive and his air aloof, while his finger was lost he won the trust of the banking class. A vain consolation, for along with the finger went his seat in the orchestra and he was left playing fourth chair viola in a backwater ensemble. Embittered and taciturn, his conductor complained that it had become impossible to extract from him even the notes on the sheet music, which only served to bolster the reputation of the world's most tight-lipped bank manager.
One last job before we retire, the bandits kept repeating. We have deck chairs reserved in our names on a beach in Guadeloupe. The gold in that vault is as good as in our pockets. The closely guarded code cannot be extracted, but in its place we shall insert our own code by means of frequency overflow.
It will be in the tuneless whistling of a pedestrian; in the annoying ringtone on your commute; from cats at a precise pitch outside the bedroom window; a drill bit turning in a cordless power tool; tuned pedal timpani inexplicably pounding somewhere; a trolley full of bottles, jars and glasses filled up to just so; the cooling fan of your computer powering up and down; pigeons, always some pigeons cooing; a squeegee on a window pane; mosquitos, gnats, gadflies and a common housefly; gusts of wind howling past high-rise buildings; the whole audience humming along to an unfamiliar melody.
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Beginning: Friday Nov 15 at 16:46
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About the Great Heist
Since 2010, 1857 has aimed to forge connections between the Norwegian art scene and young artists abroad. Our final exhibition is an invitation to join in a last-gasp installation, a late invitation, a long-sought resolution and a toast to everyone who has been involved, paid attention or dropped by in the last decade.

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