11/10 – 27/10/2019
Preview: Friday 11/10 18:00

Solo show: Tora Dalseng


Festsalen (Oslo Kunstforening)
Rådhusgaten 19
0158 Oslo


On view weekends and by appointment.



Fourmillante cité, cité pleine de rêves, 

One hundred billion microscopic brain cells produce electrical signals to the tune of 15 – 20 watts. Your brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb. It is TRUE.

Où le spectre en plein jour raccroche le passant!

A ghost gliding through a ghostly world, you are an electric phenomenon wrapped up in skin. It is not the no-longer that haunts you, but the not-yet-said, the thought half-formed, the sensation still un-felt midway through your preganglionic fibres.

Les mystères partout coulent comme des sèves

One brain cell opens special channel-shaped proteins in its membrane to allow positively charged sodium ions in and eject potassium ions. Jolted by the change in electric potential, the next cell maintains the pattern and the signal speeds along the nerve fibre. This is the bioelectric language you never learned yet speak fluently.

Dans les canaux étroits du colosse puissant.

You visit the house of a famous poet and find that your name is already entered in the guestbook in big, unruly, childish characters. Bewilderment, panic or anxiety can cause up to a 14-millivolt rise in bioelectricity for two and a half minutes. The screen goes dark and you are left staring back at yourself.


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Ant-seething city, city full of dreams,
Where ghosts by daylight tug the passer's sleeve.
Mystery, like sap, through all its conduit-streams,
Quickens the dread Colossus that they weave.
– Charles Baudelaire, "The Seven Old Men" (trans. Roy Campbell)




About the artist

Tora Dalseng (b. 1982, Tromsø, Norway) lives and works in Oslo. Recent solo exhibitions include "LUCKY NIGHT" at Noplace, Oslo; "Psycho Analytic" at Oslo Utmark; “X4" at Kunsthall Stavanger; "Snow White" at Podium, Oslo; and “Symmetry" at UKS, Oslo. Group shows include "SELFLESSNESS" at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; "Uummannarsuaq" at 1857, Oslo; "The 9th Norwegian Sculpture Biennale" at Vigeland-museet, Oslo; "DNB Savings Bank Foundation Artist Grant" at Oslo Kunstforening; "Walk like a giant" at QB Gallery, Oslo; and "Pattern Drill" at Hacienda, Zürich.




Presented in collaboration with Oslo Kunstforening


The exhibition is supported by Norsk kulturfond


1857 is supported by Arts Council Norway