Curated By A Tree

14/10 – 20/11/2016
Preview: Friday 14/10 18:00

Group show: Petter Ballo, Sol Calero, Ieva Kraule, Michael Queenland




– So, what's going on here?

– ... mmhnh.

– What was that?


– I can't hear you through all this sawdust.

– I'm growing a branch.

– Well, you'd better hurry up about it. People will get here soon.

– If you have a friend who is dear to you, visit him often, for the thickets grow dense and the grass is tall on the road traveled by no one.

– What's that supposed to mean?

– Words of wisdom. My roots run deep.

– The wind won't throw you anytime soon.

– I am grounded. Like Yggdrasil the world tree with its three roots spanning the underworld. For years my limbs stretched to the sky, with nests for birds to sit and sing.

– You are broken? Or re-assembled?

– Rise when you have questions to ask. He who answers shall sit.

It was never my intention to grow to this size. My branches came one by one. I did not plan to reach so high. You say I am broken. I am a giant who sat down.






About the artists


Petter Ballo (b. 1979, Oslo) lives and works in Oslo. His work has been shown at Pink Cube, Oslo; Hvitsten Salong, Hvitsten; The Prague Quadrennial of Performance, Design and Space; UKS, Oslo; Malmö Konsthall, Malmö; and as part of the performance"Dogs Inferno", with Circus Caracas Ceberus at the Norwegian Annual Exhibition in 2012, Oslo. Upcoming exhibitions include the Norwegian Biennial of Sculpture 2017. His sculpture "Burning House"(2010) is on permanent display in 1857's main exhibition space.



Sol Calero (b. 1982, Caracas) currently lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo exhibitions include: Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (2016); Satements, Art Basel, Laura Bartlett Gallery (2016); David Dale Gallery, Glasgow (2016); Studio Voltaire, London (2015); Sala Mendoza, Caracas (2015); SALTS, Birsfelden (2015); Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (2014); and Frutta Gallery, Rome (2013). Recent group exhibitions include: 1857, Oslo (2016); KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2015); and Mostyn, Llandudno (2015). Forthcoming solo exhibitions include, Dortmunder Kusverein (2017), Kunstpalais Erlangen (2017)  and Folkestone Triennial (2017). She is co-director of the Berlin project space Kinderhook & Caracas and is represented by Laura Bartlett Gallery, London



Ieva Kraule (b. 1987, Riga) is based in Amsterdam. Among recent solo shows are The person you are trying to reach is not available (with Aidan Koch) at Hester, New York; and Qu'est-ce que ça peut faire tout ça (with Kaspars Groshevs) at Shanaynay, Paris. Her work has been included in group shows at HIAP, Helsinki; XII Baltic Triennial Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; Art in General, New York; and Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga. She is currently finishing her MA degree at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.



Michael Queenland’s (b.1970, Pasadena, CA) most recent solo exhibition titled Rudy’s Ramp of Remainders was held at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Los Angeles. Recent Group exhibitions include Assisted at Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago; Day Moon at Halsey Mckay Gallery, New York; and No Pop, New Haven, CT. He has had solo exhibitions at LAX ART, Los Angeles; The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York; Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland; ME Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. His work has also been included in group exhibitions such as The 2008 Whitney Museum Biennial, New York; and at Wallspace gallery, New York; Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis; Aurel Scheibler Gallery, Berlin; Artist Space, New York; Office Baroque, Antwerp; and Thomas Dane Gallery London. He was awarded this year’s Rome Prize, and was the assistant professor in sculpture at the Yale School of Art. He currently lives and works in Rome and Los Angeles.  





Photos by Jon Lundell
1857 is supported by Arts Council Norway

Petter Ballo, Curated By A Tree, [2016]
Wood, lamps. Ø 230 cm × 750 cm.


Petter Ballo, Curated By A Tree, [2016]
Wood, lamps. Ø 230 cm × 750 cm.


CURATED BY A TREE at 1857, installation view main space.
(Queenland, Kraule and Ballo)


CURATED BY A TREE at 1857, installation view main space.
(Queenland and Kraule)


CURATED BY A TREE at 1857, installation view front space.


CURATED BY A TREE at 1857, installation view front space.